Questions? Answers! .INFO Frequently Asked Questions
This section provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the registration of .INFO domain names.
What does the .INFO domain stand for?
The .INFO domain is one of the seven new generic top-level domains approved by ICANN to make up for the shortage of names in .com .net .org namespace.
The .INFO domain can represent the short form of the word "information" in many languages, but essentially it is the one new unrestricted domain and as such the one true .com alternative.
Are the registration requirements for .INFO different than those for .com, .net and .org?
The only difference in registration requirements is that the minimum registration period is two years. This requirement has been set by the registry.
Who runs the registry for .INFO domain names?
Affilias, a consortium of 18 registrars, has been authorized to run the .INFO registry. Tucows, our partner, is one of the 18 registrars with a stake in Affilias.
How will name disputes be resolved?
Affilias will use ICAAN's UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) to resolve any disputes related to the registration of .INFO domain names.
Who can register .INFO domains?
As .INFO is the only new unrestricted top-level domain, anyone may register a domain name for any purpose.
When can I start using a .INFO domain?
Domains are expected to be resolvable approximately five minutes after the registration.