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.TV "High Profile" Pricing
Some .TV domain names, such as free.tv, net.tv, lawyer.tv and many others, are reserved by the dotTV Registry. The pricing for these "High Profile" domains can change over time based on demand and price is controlled exclusively by dotTV Registry - Rackshare does not affect this price in any way. Some examples of prices are $100,000 for free.tv, $25,000 for lawyer.tv and $1,000,000 for casino.tv . If you happen to search for one of these domains through our registration system, we will refer you to the dotTV registry to purchase the domain directly from them.

Because registrations in this category are referred to the dotTV Registry, High Profile domains do not remain part of your Rackshare Domain Name Management System and cannot be managed or renewed from our systems.

.TV Renewal Pricing
There is a 5% premium charged on .tv renewals based on previous registration amounts (so, each .tv domain year will cost 5% more than the previous domain year for the same name).

For example, if you register a dotTV domain name today for a one-year registration period, and renew the domain next year, your renewal fee will be $40.95.

We will be adding renewal functionality for .tv domains to our Domain Name Management system in the future. If you need to extend a .tv registration period prior to our release, please send your request to domain@rackshare.com.