From:     transfers@opensrs.org
To:       <admincontact@example.com>
Subject:  Transfer Request for example.com
A request has been received to transfer the domain example.com to the registrar
Tucows.  This request was entered at Wed Jan 10 19:49:29 2001
by Frank Smith.

This acknowledgement of transfer will be processed by Tucows Inc, an
ICANN accredited registrar on behalf of Rackshare.  If this is a valid
request and you wish to approve this transfer, please visit the following
url and follow the instructions:


You will need to enter the following information to complete the transfer:

	Domain Name: example.com
	Password:    6PzqVAmiGV

If you do not wish to approve this transfer, simply ignore this message and
the request will be cancelled.

Accepting this transfer will change the registrar of record for your domain
from its current registrar, to Tucows/OpenSRS; it may also change some of
the contact information. If you are receiving this email, you should have
initiated, or at least been aware of this request already. If this is the
first time that you've heard of this, do not accept the transfer until you
are satisfied that the request is legitimate.

Thank you.

Team Tucows