Easy Site Optimizer FAQ
Questions and answers about using Easy Site Optimizer to optimize your website for search engines.

1. Am I only allowed to have 15 keywords on my site?

No, you can have as many keywords entered on to your site as you wish. The keyword list in ESO only allows for a maximum of 15 keywords as this is the suggested number to have with a site.

2. Can I type in phrases, rather than just a single word?

Phrase lookups are supported in the Keyword lookup manager

3. There is an option to "Save these keywords on my index page". If this is not selected where are the keywords saved to?

If this option is not checked, the keywords will not be published to your index page or any other page on your website. If you leave this option unchecked, the "Save Keyword List" button will only save your keywords within the application.

4. When I go to save my keywords and I select "Save these keywords on my index page," I get an error message saying that existing META tags are on the page. What should I do?

You can use the html editor in the optimizer section to add the keywords to your index page Meta tags.

5. What are sitemaps? How do they work?

Some search engines are now able to spider your entire site if you have a sitemap in your public directory. The sitemap is a file which is placed in your website directory; the search engine spider uses this information as a "blueprint" for your website, spidering the pages listed in the sitemap. Sitemaps are especially useful if you have experienced trouble in the past with spiders being unable to scan portions of your website. For more information, check out http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=40318

6. When I download the Google sitemap, why do I have to upload it to the public directory on my site?

This is where search engine web crawlers will look for the existence of your sitemap.

7. What are META TAGS?

Meta tags are HTML tags that allow search engines to more accurately list your site on their indexes.

8. There is an option to View Notes in the Optimization Section, what does this mean?

Once an optimization scan has been successfully executed on your site, if any optimization tips have been found, they will then be placed in the Notes section. You can click on "View Notes" to see the tips to help optimize your site to be SEO friendly.

9. I have developed a webpage / my web designer has created one for me, and there are already existing META TAGS, can I still use ESO? Will my existing META TAGS be overwritten?

Yes, you will be able to still use ESO for sites that have existing META tags. ESO will not overwrite any existing META tags unless you make the changes yourself within ESO.

10. Does EasySiteOptimizer work with Flash-based content?

No, ESO does not work with dynamic content such as Flash-based components.

11. My webpage is created with frames; will ESO work on my site?

Yes, frames that exist within your site will be spidered by the ESO optimizer.

12. In the reports section, what exactly is it reporting? And where is ESO pulling information from?

Each keyword in your keyword list is queried on Google, MSN and Yahoo. If your site is reported in the first 20 results on these engines, it will be reported through this tool. All information is pulled from the three search engines used to generate the reports based of your keyword list.

13. The Reports are generated on a monthly basis; does this mean Calendar month or the start day of when I utilized ESO?

The reports are generated monthly from the time you add a keyword list through ESO.

14. Can I only submit my domain once to search engines?

No, ESO allows you to submit your site to search engines once every two weeks. The Site Submission tool will become available for submissions two weeks from the previous date of submission. It is important to note that if your site is already listed by a search engine, you should not re-submit to the engine. Resubmitting an already listed site can cause your site to become de-listed. Once listed, search engines will periodically re-spider your site to check for changes and updates. You do not need to resubmit your site for search engines to re-spider your page.

15. When I submit my site using ESO, how will the search engines notify me that my submission(s) were accepted?

Search engines do not notify you if your site has been approved for their listings. The only way to know if your site was listed is by searching for it periodically on the search engine you submitted to. Please note that due to the high volumes of submissions search engines receive, it can take as long as several weeks or months before your site is listed.

16. Does ESO work with ESW7Pro sites? or ESW 6?

You are able to use ESO for any sites that you have created through ESW7P. Any changes made currently through ESO to the site may cause some issues with the site editor in ESW7P. We are currently working on a collaborative feature between the two applications to make them work seamlessly together.

17. How can I increase the overall rating of my site through the ESO application?

By using the notes given by the Site Optimizer tool, you can increase the rating of your pages. The next time you run an optimization scan, you should see an improvement in your score.

18. Can I use the ESO as a HTML editor?

It is not recommended that you use the application as an HTML editor for anything other than the suggested changes given by the optimization wizard.