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Installing True Site

To install True Site, simply add the following lines to each web page on which you want the True Site seal to appear:

<!-- GeoTrust True Site [tm] Smart Icon tag. Do not edit. -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="//smarticon.geotrust.com/si.js"></SCRIPT>
<!-- end GeoTrust Smart Icon tag -->

These instructions will retrieve your True Site registration data from the True Site registry server and cause the True Site seal to be displayed on your web page. Remember, the web page on which you place this True Site seal must use exactly the same domain that is in your True Site enrollment application. For instance, if the enrollment is for www.example.com, then the True site registration is for that site, and does not include other fully qualified domains like www2.example.com.

Important note: Use of the True Site service is subject to the terms and conditions of the True Site Subscriber Agreement. You must agree to those terms and conditions if you use the True Site service. You are indicating your acceptance of that agreement by installing the True Site smart icon on your Web site.

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