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QuickSSL Certificate Order Process
Geotrust QuickSSL Certificates QuickSSL offers true 128-bit encryption at a fraction of what you'd pay for other SSL solutions and you don't have to wait days for SSL security; GeoTrust QuickSSL offers airtight Internet protection in about ten minutes.

Your QuickSSL certificate can be obtained and ready to install on your server within about 10 minutes of placing your order at Rackshare. Before proceeding through the order process, you should know what information you will need to provide in order for the GeoTrust team to complete the verification process.

Ordering Your QuickSSL web server certificate is a Five Step process:

Step 1: Check WHOIS Information for Your Domain
When you request a QuickSSL certificate, GeoTrust will verify the order by asking you to confirm an "Approval Message." The Approval Message will be sent to the Administrative Contact of your domain name as listed in the WHOIS record, or another email address at your domain such as webmaster@yourdomain, admin@yourdomain or ssladmin@yourdomain. You will specify the Approval Email Address at the time of your order in Step 3.
Step 2: Generate CSR
Create a Certificate Signing Request on your web server. Instructions are available for creating CSR keys on many commercial and freeware servers.
Step 3: Order Your Certificate
Once you have generated a Certificate Signing Request, you are ready to place your order online.
Within seconds of completing your order, a Verification message will be sent to the Approver Email address you chose at the time of your order. Follow the instructions in the email for verifying your order, and you will recieve your QuickSSL certificate within minutes of verifying your order..
Step 4: Install SSL Certificate
You will receive your Geotrust True BusinessID SSL certificate within 2 to 3 business days. Now you can install the SSL certificate on your web server and begin using the security of a true 128-bit True BusinessID SSL certificate!
Step 5: Install True Site
If you have ordered the standard QuickSSL certificate, your order is complete.
If you have ordered the QuickSSL Premium service, you can now install the True Site seal on your web site by placing simple HTML codes into your web pages.
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